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Rudera Robusto Chenin Blanc 2013

Slight gold colour with lime, rich ripe pineapple and honey on the nose which follows through on the palate. Good crisp acidity balances the full bodied flavours. The Lingering finish is a testimony of high quality ripe grapes.

Alc: 14.  RS: 7.4  pH: 3.3  TA: 5.3  VA: 0.6  TSO2:  FSO2:
Rudera De Tradisie Chenin Blanc 2015

De Tradisie has a complex nose of green apples, smoky melon and orange blossoms. The citrus flavours follow through on the pallet, with lime leading grapefruit, quince and cinnamon onto a rich but refreshing palate. It is a wellbalanced wine with great integration of oak and a lovely long finish with a yeasty undertone. It is a very flavoursome wine.

Alc: 13.5  RS: 3.0  pH: 3.46  TA: 5.3  VA: 0.72  TSO2:  FSO2:
Rudera Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

A vision of inky-purple and brick-red hues, bears promise to intense flavours of black currents, bluegum, ripe cherries, cigar box and pencil shavings on the nose that follows through and explodes on the palate with a voluptuous mouthfeel and powerful, gripping finish. This is a true example of a classical Cabernet Sauvignon.

Alc: 14.5  RS: 1.8  pH: 3.7  TA: 5.8  VA: 0.61  TSO2:  FSO2:
Rudera Syrah 2012

Rich, dark delicious wild horse of a wine, bursting with a nose of plums, black berries and ripe red cherries, elegantly integrated with hints of smoky bacon and new leather aromas. Bold and full-bodied on the palate, with a touch of black pepper and a lingering creamy mocha finish, classically encapsulated by maturation in new French Oak barrels.

Alc: 15.0  RS: 1.7  pH: 3.48  TA: 5.9  VA: 0.57  TSO2:  FSO2:
Rudera Noble Late Harvest Chenin Blanc 2010

Bright, golden hues invite you to a nose of citrus honey, ripe guava, dried apricots and canned pineapple, delicately layered with hints of orange blossom. The oily, creamy mouth feel reflects ripe, tropical fruit and buttered toast flavours, with a lovely balance between sweetness and crisp citrus acidity, following through to a rich, lingering finish.

Alc: 11.43  RS: 138.6  pH: 3.22  TA: 9.2  VA: 1.13  TSO2:  FSO2:
Rudera Platinum Chenin Blanc 2009

The Rudera Platinum Chenin blanc 2009 nose shows citrus and intriguing wet wool notes. The palate is youthful but still “tight” and will benefit with some decanting. It shows traces of lime and lemon, but is clean and crisp. It has an almost salty sea-shell character on the creamy pallet, with a fine chalky finish and fresh acidity. The Rudera Platinum Chenin Blanc 2009 Elgin is an elegant, barrel-fermented Chenin Blanc, made in a dry, refreshing style.

Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Rudera Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

The Rudera Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 is an opaque wine with a vivid, purple rim and intense deep ruby hue. There are classic Cabernet cassis flavours on the nose. In the glass a bouquet of violets and cedary cigar box notes develops. The tannins on this wine are big and ripe and benefit from decanting. Rich plummy cassis fruit on palate with some lead pencil and long finish.

Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Mzansi Two Friends Blend White Blend 2012
The Mzansi White 2012 has a lively freshness with aromatic flavours, threaded with tropical fruits and a juicy finish.
Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Mzansi Two Friends Red Blend 2012
The Mzansi Red 2012 has a youthfully purplish colour with cigar box on the nose. Upfront blackcurrant and strawberry flavours, complemented by cinnamon on the palate. 
Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Lula Chenin Blanc 2012
A zesty wine, bursting with intense Guava and freshly-cut pineapple flavours, delicately supported by hints of orange blossom, following through to a bold, oily palate of tropical fruit and green apple, beautifully balanced with a lingering finish.
Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Lula Merlot 2012
A surprising nose of "peaches and cream" and vanilla pod, layered with hints of cassis, ripe black cherries and plums. Creamy and bold on the palate with a smooth Blue-gum and sweet red cherry-finish.
Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Lula Syrah 2011
This is a medium to full bodied Syrah with ripe fruit flavours of plum, cherries, currents and dried peach. It has subtle vanilla and black pepper spice on the palate and is lively with good fruit acid.
Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Lula Easy Red 2012
The Lula easy red 2012 is well-balanced with soft, ripe lingering berries and peppery fruit. The wine has a velour texture with spicy cloves and an aftertaste with a good length.
Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Halala Afrika Chenin Blanc 2012
A refreshing yet luscious wine showing the natural flavours of Chenin Blanc. Fragrant tropical fruits on the nose hint to the crisp palate, packed with green apple,peach, pineapple and succulent melon flavours. The clean finish, showing fresh and crispy acidity, leaves you wanting more!
Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Halala Afrika Merlot 2012
The Merlot has an intense colour and the nose is full of ripe fruit with chocolate and figgy overtones. It has concentrated fruit that fills the mouth with balanced sweetness.

Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Halala Afrika Pinotage 2009
This Pinotage has a seductive bouquet which combines plum pudding, black cherry and a whiff of spice. It shows soft textured tannins.

Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Halala Afrika Shiraz 2011
This is a youthful Shiraz with a rich, plummy/spicy nose and lovely ripe berries on the palate with a long finish.
Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Halala Afrika Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
The Cabernet Sauvignon has a youthfully purplish colour with upfront berries with delightful cherry overtones on the nose.
Alc:  RS:  pH:  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Rudera Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

The soft red fruit aromas introduce this handsome Rudera Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 that delivers on depth, harmony and complexity. Classic Cabernet cassis flavours on the nose. In the glass a bouquet of violets and cedary cigar box notes develops. Well managed tannins, a hint of sweet tobacco leaving generous fruit on a silk-textured palate.

Alc: 14.20  RS: 3.6  pH: 3.36  TA: 6.2  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:
Rudera De Tradisie Chenin Blanc 2013

Rudera de Tradisie Chenin blanc 2013 shows ripe Golden Delicious apple, nectarines and melon aromas, well supported by the oak, coming through as buttered toast on the nose. It has a rich, creamy texture and balanced acidity on the palate with fresh apple and citrus flavours, following in a long fresh finish.

Alc: 14.42  RS: 1.2  pH: 3.37  TA: 5.4  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

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